In January 2011, I started the new year by doing 2 crazy things:
1. quit my job at one of the biggest banks in the world and
2. embarked on an

The plan was simple: to travel as far as my savings would go.
I would never have imagined that the 1,900 EUR I had saved back then would allow me to travel to 9 countries in Asia for 6 months and launch me as a travel blogger at We Are Sole Sisters and a digital nomad.
After coming back from that trip, I began to build a business online. The blog started to attract more readers which  enerated a steady income in advertising. Eventually, I started other small business like an online shop for travel clothes as well as a blogging and social media consultancy. I didn’t want my adventure to end so I decided I would
create value that would allow me to continue to work online from anywhere in the world. Apart from blogging and social media, I also became a published writer, public speaker and hostel manager.
6 years and many countries later, and with a husband and daughter in tow, we have made Portugal our home base. It’s a place that enchants us, where we live abundantly on less money and stay close to the beach where we can surf and watch sunsets. For those who are thinking of taking the same path as a digital nomad, here are some lessons I’ve learned:
1 Be smart with your money
2 Find your tribe
3 Learn to be alone
4 Know your value
5 Have a backup/exit plan
This kind of lifestyle can be scary, but the rewards of choosing the work you want to do exactly where you want to be is a reward in itself. You should start by taking small steps towards the life of your dreams. You should start now.
Copy: Lois Yasay Ribeiro from We Are Sole Sisters
Lois was our November’s Digital Marketing Meetup guest speaker
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